The study of the history of art, the visual realization of the human experience throughout the ages, clearly reveals the potency of imagery pertaining to the human figure. It has been established as an expressive symbol capable of embodying our highest aspirations, deepest beliefs and most profound and passionate insights. It is a constant in art, intense in its recurrence, insistent in its continuance. The study of organic structure, i.e, the form of life, the life of form, is an essential discipline in the development of the artist. Any restriction by edict or special privilege of such study would most certainly deter artistic practice. Any attempt to separate by such means the study of the human form from the study of the rest of nature would prove to be most injurious to creative development. In our time we have witnessed the tragic implications of controlled artistic expression in other countries and we have come to realize that artistic freedom is not only synonymous with but inseparable from our most cherished heritage—personal liberty.