Brice delighted giving “cartoons” to his family and close friends on their birthdays, holidays or spontaneously to share his amused response to an experience or a bit of conversation that they had experienced together.

These cartoons reveal another side of Brice, which was his light hearted, “Fred Astaire” lyricism,” as his friend David Rodes put it. They celebrate life and friendships, and their ironies. Brice’s humor was Talmudic in approach as he pokes loving fun at the sacred cows of our lives with improbable logic that, nonetheless, elucidates some essential truth. His simple caricatures of family, friends, and of himself are remarkably accurate and astute. He clearly relished making delightfully self-effacing depictions of himself.

His cartoons also demonstrate the very wide range of his talent and skills and the fact that he could have succeeded well in a career as a cartoonist, an illustrator, or a graphic artist rather than as the fine artist had he so chosen.