Shirley Brice

1391A. SHIRLEY ANN BARDEEN, daughter of Charles Wendell #1246r (Thomas#986t., Thomas#552m, Lybbana#249, Moses#114, James#43, James#18) and Genevieve Loomis, was born 5 Feb. 1921 at Fort Worth TX and married WILLIAM BRICE, son of celebrated comedienne Fanny Brice. He was born 23 Apr. 1921 in New York City. He studied painting in New York and Los Angeles. He is a practicing artist and a Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Child: John Brice
b. 1950

m1. Sandra Saxon, b. 1951
ch: Saxon William Stark Brice, b. 1987

m2. Sharon Fiona Miller, b. 1956
ch: William Jesse Miller-Brice, b. 2002