top: Installation photography of
William Brice: Watercolors at L.A. Louver, 1990
bottom: Untitled #1, 1990, watercolor on paper,
24 x 18 in. 

Brice worked on lithography with Tamarind Institute, which had moved to Albuquerque and become a part of University of New Mexico. He also revisited Crown Point Press in San Francisco to experiment with aquatint resulting in another evocative series of prints.
Ann Rosener (Perls), who had been on the 1979 visit to Greece, invited Brice to collaborate in the production of a livre d’artiste called In Simple Clothes. The etchings he produced with Robert Aull accompanied newly translated writings of Greek poet Constantine P. Cavafy (1863–1933). In Simple Clothes was a two-year project published by Rosener’s letterpress Occasional Works, in Woodside, California, and was released in 1992.
Brice had his third solo exhibition at L.A. Louver, this time of watercolor paintings.

Brice retired from UCLA after a 38-year association, and began to spend an increasing amount of time alone in his studio, which continued to be a private place where others were seldom invited.

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