Herbert Jepson invited Brice to teach at his Jepson Art Institute, Los Angeles, where Brice’s friends, Howard Warshaw and Rico Lebrun, also taught. Fanny, Vincent Price, Zero Mostel, and other luminaries frequently attended lectures there.


Brice had his first one-man exhibition in a commercial venue, at Downtown Gallery, New York City, February 15 to March 5. “Auspicious and indicative are the words that define the current exhibition at the Downtown Gallery of William Brice, 27-year-old painter…whose canvases belie his age…Though contemporary in approach, his canvases reveal a classic purity and timeliness grounded on a sound foundation that proves to be a rare experience….To this reviewer Brice’s work indicates a new and healthy direction in modern American Painting.” –Marynell Sharp, February 1949, The Art Digest


Brice’s only child, John,
was born in Los Angeles.

top: The Brices and the Warshaws
left: Shirley Brice, pregnant with son John
bottom: Brice outside of his home

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