Installation photography of Brice’s exhibition
at L.A. Louver, 1998

“Brice —an unquestioned virtuoso— set himself a difficult challenge. All paintings appear to consciously run the risk of being boring. All are composed of two-dimensional shapes largely self-contained. They take no obvious advantage of standard devices for achieving illusionistic volume, deep space or interlocking drama. Formal elements tend to be isolated and self-absorbed. In a lesser artist, this would be a prescription for failure. But Brice uses less to bring off more.
Speaking of the old less-is-more cliché, the artist actually revised the tack of reductivist art to remind us that painting can still be something more than pure phenomenon or mere formality. The net effect of his astringent cocktail of sensibilities makes a place where the lyric meets the epic, energy confronts exhaustion, and rapture boogies with anxiety.”
William Wilson, Los Angeles Times,
November 16, 1998

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