skills in drawing and painting in its innovative environment. Brice’s relationship to Botkin was formative, and he claimed he not only learned about art from Botkin, but most importantly about the life of an artist.

left: Henry Botkin in his studio
right: Botkin and Brice

In response to Botkin’s passing in 1983, Brice wrote:

“Henry, so long now dear to me… opened to me a view of passionate engagement in the practice of art. Tough minded and discerning, he was enthusiastically appreciative, capable of being deeply moved by the wonder of it—art. He was totally absorbed in it and conveyed to me through his gentle teaching and infinite patience and through his own creative process a value in life commitment. In his subtle and resolute persistence, his integrity of conviction and sensibility he was confident of his own powers as an artist but remained ceaselessly open and questioning, never complacent and never arrogant…”

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