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15.Question: Was he conceiving of a number of outdoor sculptures as a single group from which he

intended to make a sculpture garden at a public institution?

Answer: Ray had on occasion considered the possibility of making a selection of outdoor sculpture

to be gifted to an institution.

16.Question: Who chose the 36 sculptures from which the Getty made their choice?

Answer: Ray, in consultation with me.

17.Question: Did he buy sculptures for particular positions in his garden or Ranch?

Answer: No, the determination of appropriate location was made after acquisition.

18.Question: Did he stop buying after the death of your sister?

Answer: No.

And, in response to your questions in your letter of October 21, 2005:

1.Question: What part of the collection may have been models of what to do or not do?

Answer: Ray did decide to acquire a large number of small works on paper to

be kept at his ranch.

2.Question: How you chose the artists?

Answer: I did not choose artists. The choices finally were always Ray’s. I did, however, convey to

Ray my estimation of works and on occasion suggested works that might be of interest

to him.

3.Question: Whether you liked to work directly with artists themselves or with certain dealers?

Answer: I did not work with either dealers or artists directly, nor was I involved in specific

transactions of Ray’s purchases. Ray did this independently of my participation.

4.Question: How you followed up the European (and especially the UK) connections?

Answer: The Getty has in hand examples of Ray’s correspondence with artists and dealers.

5.Question: Whether you got what you wanted?

Answer: In most instances, Ray got what he wanted.

6.Question: If you ever commissioned?

Answer: I recall that Ray corresponded directly with Ellsworth Kelly about a work to be located

at Ray’s ranch. I believe he asked Ellsworth Kelly to make suggestions concerning the

exact location of placement.

7.Question: How site specific choices were?

Answer: In almost all instances, an appropriate site was determined after acquisition.

I hope that I have adequately been able to fulfill your request and I look forward to meeting with you in April.

Thanks to Antonia Boström’s generosity, I have had the pleasure of reading Barbara Hepworth and Sculpture 1900-1945.



William Brice