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Another curiosity is whether Brice’s Supreme Eye perhaps evolved to become a refinement and an amalgamation of two of his motifs: the Supreme Eye and Cell Division. Below are some of the notations that were in the envelope that had Brice’s handwritten title, “Supreme Eye.” These few notations as well as the finished drawing below appear similar—and bear a strong resemblance to his depictions of cell division.

Brice spoke of his interest in arriving at motifs that allowed for divergent associations, but share common, essential principles. So, did he intend a double association for this motif as it evolved? Did he mean to imply a relationship between some meaning of the Supreme Eye and the essence of life force that animates cell division and makes a zygote turn into a human being?

To read specific comments on Brice’s use and the meaning of the Supreme Eye, please see Motif: Supreme Eye (Gallery/Themes, Motifs, & Process/Motif: Supreme Eye).