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This experience, I believe, will not only directly enhance my service to the University in expanding my field of reference as an instructor, but will also prove invaluable in the continuance of my creative pursuits. As an instructor of drawing and painting, I am continually concerned with the development of creative capacity. In this, I am largely dependent upon insight derived from the direct experience of my own performance which I feel is an important factor in assuring continual vitality in teaching.

It is not possible for me to predetermine specifically the direction of future production in my own work. During the sabbatical period, I will be involved in drawing and painting notations related to: the wall painting of my study project, direct observations from nature in figure, landscape, and still life. On the basis of my past work habits, I look to an intensive work period in my studio upon my return in resolving work commenced during my proposed European travel. Upon completion, such works will be exhibited in one-man exhibition and in national and international group exhibitions.

Thank you for considering this application.


William Brice‚

Assistant Professor‚

Department of Art