William Brice’s 1970 diary and sketchbook, open to its
first page that lists Brice’s destinations

June 28, Sunday

Three hours of sleep and rushed in parking and preparations. Hard pressed for time, finally hustled John [Brice] out of the house and took a cab to the airport.

Getting set on the plane for the ten-hour flight was awkward and we were pleased that a plump New Zealand wife (disgruntled because she had hoped she could sit in the window seat assigned to John) decided to change with her husband. He was a pleasant, hardy New Zealander on a tour, having spent two-and-a-half hours in Disneyland as his total time in visiting Los Angeles. The tours sounded absolutely monstrous! We talked a little and he told me much about New Zealand. Intermittently he coughed dryly, explaining that many in his group had suffered a mild case of flu. I am certain this was the origin of the cold I was to have during my days in London. Our trip was long, the plane was crowded, and because of our size, we were quite cramped. We saw a poor movie, slept fitfully, ate tasteless airplane food and waited the time to pass. Fortunately, it was a smooth trip.