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July 12, Sunday


Brice at Acropolis, Athens Brice hurrying to take more photos, Acropolis Acropolis caryatids, Athens




Fellow travelers, L to R: Adam Poe, Shirley Brice, ‘Sister’ (Mrs. Russell), Linda Russell and ‘Boy’ (Mr. Charles Russell), and Barbara Poe, Acropolis, Athens Fellow travelers, L to R: Jerry Russell, John Brice, Adam Poe, Barbara Poe, Linda Russell and Boy, Acropolis, Athens


Breakfast in the room with Barbara and Shirley. An easy swim in the Hilton pool. Light lunch (very good Greek hors d’oeuvres) and to the Acropolis in the afternoon.

In spite of all the people also visiting, the Acropolis is great beyond description. All of the fragments strewn about the ground were very much related to forms in my recent painting. This trip to Greece is absolutely relevant to my work. The beauty of the Acropolis is breathtaking. I was completely absorbed in taking a great number of photos: various views of the existing structures and many shots of pediment fragments.

Back to the hotel, excited, satisfied and hot. Bathed and then all had dinner at an excellent Greek restaurant in the plaza called “Flora.” Exceptional food! Later we walked in the Pilara and then we went back to the hotel.

July 13, Monday

Barbara and I went out to the Acropolis early in the morning. I wanted to take more pictures since I had possibly exposed my first roll.

At 11:30 a.m., we all embarked by bus (all to ourselves) to Sounion. George, our guide, pointed out points and facts of interest as we went and finally we approached beautiful Sounion Acropolis.

The Temple of Poseidon, Sounion

The Temple of Poseidon, Sounion


Another indescribable beauty. A wonder of special perfection so marvelous in scale and ideal as a site location setting high on a promontory overlooking the sea. Pure, grand and of such a mysterious satisfaction.

The Temple of Poseidon, Sounion (left) A Mediterranean feast, Sounion (right)

Al fresco at Sounion restaurant 14 A Mediterranean feast, Sounion

We lunched at a restaurant on the inlet of Sounion after a refreshing swim (our first in the Aegean). Lunch outside at a long table with a seemingly endless procession of dishes – hors d’oeuvres, seafoods, fruits and cheeses. Later we returned via another scenic route.

Dinner with all of us and the Tom Constantinos at Dionysus restaurant at the foot of the Acropolis under a moon and twinkling stars. An excellent day, and to bed around 1:30 a.m.

July 14, Tuesday

A day of chores: arrangements at the travel agents (Hellas Travel) for our ship from Patras to Brindisi. Our car and driver from Athens to Patras via Olympia one night stop over. Arranged for Adam’s return to Athens for his flight to Paris. Then to the dentist (I broke the back of a tooth). Then to the doctor for a treatment (precautionary for Daphni [ship] trip). Later went with Boy Russell to conclude Daphni arrangements.

On the way back from a visit to the Acropolis (it was closed) we went to the Byzantine Museum. A great number of remarkable icons and sculptures.

Dinner with André Lscarouis (a friend of Boy’s “The Sheek”). Elegant, suave and inscrutable. We went to the Plaka for dinner at an open-air restaurant on the steps. Many people all crowded and gay. The young people of our group joined André’s son at their own table and then went out on the town. A fantastic little old man came by to our table and in a hilarious dead-pan style showed us pornographic cards and objects.

We returned to the Hilton roof for a drink and then retired. It was around 3:00 a.m. We prepared to pack for our departure on the Daphni the next day at about 11:00 a.m.


July 15, Wednesday

Brice/Russell/Poe party about to board the Daphni 15 (left); Daphni at anchor (right)

Brice/Russell/Poe party about to board the Daphni 15 Daphni at anchor


Checked out of Hilton and all down at Piraeus to board the Daphni.

Sailed to the bay of Sounion, swam and had a delicious lunch in the dining room of the Daphni. Our staterooms are extremely comfortable and all are excited and pleased with the prospect of travel in the Greek waters.

Later in the day, after a relaxing nap, we arrived at the cove of Káristos. The water was lake smooth and so we decided to water ski. Much amusement with falls and false starts. Jerry Russell is accomplished, Linda is experienced. John and I have skied a little before and this was a first for Adam Poe who has done a good deal of snow skiing. No trouble for Adam. We all enjoyed it. Shirley, Sister, Barbara and Boy are not skiing.

Dinner was  superb in the dining room of the Daphni and we all realized that our chef was a master and that the major problem would be moderation—now repeat after me, “I am not fat and I can eat anything I please.” In unison repeat, (“I am not fat, etc., etc.”).

Bay, Káristos 16 Daphni chef

Bay, Káristos 16 Daphni chef



Harbor, Káristos

Harbor, Káristos 17
Photographer: Ggia