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Between Stability and Chaos: Part One (of 6)—Fanny Brice, Mother


Fanny Brice, Bill Brice (5 yrs-old), and sister, Frances, ca. 1926 I was worried about Bill when he was young – he never used to talk. Fanny Brice Speaking of her son, William (Bill) Brice Interview Recording, ca. 1950   Bill Brice was born into complicated circumstances.  As a little boy, one might have wondered [...]

The Talk about William Brice: UCLA Art Dept. Shaper and Star Teacher


Brice teaching at the Jepson Art Institute, Los Angeles, just before accepting a position as Acting Assistant Professor at UCLA in 1954. I was fortunate by personal inclination to find teaching appropriate for me…It was a way for me to do something that I really believe in very strongly, which has to do with participating [...]