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Between Stability and Chaos: Part Five (of 6)—Brice Strikes Out


The formerly quiet, observant boy, who lived in his head, had not only become physical and muscled up in LA, but at 18 he suddenly began to mature—and to develop an inner drive that would become as intense as his mother’s. But was it pushing him toward a bright future—or away from a haunted past?  [...]

Between Stability and Chaos: Part Three (of 6)—A Mentor for Life


Artist Henry Botkin, Brice’s future art tuturor, seen here in his Paris studio, which he built in 1926. Botkin participated in “The School of Paris” and remianed in Paris from 1926 until 1933 when he returned to New York. Art is a collision of new truths and awakened sensibilities; it is a serious understanding of [...]