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Brice drawing in his studio a his mother's ( Fanny' Brice) home, ca. late-1940's Drawing is a continuous activity for me. Increasingly I feel that I want to act upon any idea or image that passes through my mind. I want to grasp it, to mark it. I also find that one drawing begets another, [...]

Pictorial Themes & Motifs in Brice Art

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Howard F. Fox, William Brice 2010-11 Drawing Exhibition, LA Louver Gallery. …In the final analysis, William Brice remains a singular practitioner, a unique creative eminence within the galaxy of late modern art, astutely aware of his contemporaries’ endeavors and accomplishments, yet ever following his own intellect and intuition.  He undertook a personal journey in his [...]

The Painting of William Brice

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Artist Tom Wudl with Brice’s Untitled, 1978 Oil on canvas, 116 x 92 in. Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR Museum Purchase: Contemporary Art Fund (2011.149) WB78-004 What I want to say about this painting…is that it could easily be misunderstood to the uninitiated. We…see technical mastery in this line. This line in order to make [...]

William Brice’s Surprising Journey in Art

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Artist, Tom Wudl with two Brice paintings, Rock Composition I and Rock Composition III, produced in 1947 when Brice was just 26. This is the beginning....[W]hat’s particularly poignant about this painting is that kind of deep devotion…this young artist has to this imagery. He’s not only looking at these stones…These are special.  We could say [...]

Brice’s Remarkable Notations

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Untitled, 1982 Pen, pencil, and color crayon on file card, 4 x 6 in., Los Angeles County Museum of Art, WBNO-8222 What I have loved about drawing is its non-complicated nature as far as process.  It’s not high-tech at all.  As a matter of fact, you all have a pencil, you all have a paper, [...]